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Bankhaus August Lenz wins MasterCard Data Integrity 2013 Award


mastercard logoBankhaus August Lenz & Co. AG has won the MasterCard Data Integrity 2013 Award for its overall authorization and clearing compliance of transactions. The award was given for the processing of its MasterCard / Maestro services according to the data integrity standards of MasterCard.

Bankhaus August Lenz is very glad to receive this award as MasterCard places great importance on the accuracy and integrity of the transaction data that flows across its network. And thus Bankhaus August Lenz is one of the TOP 25 MasterCard members worldwide.

MasterCard introduced the new Data Integrity Compliance Awards program this year. The award is based on the 2013’s data for overall Authorization and Clearing Compliance. MasterCard’s global recognition program for data integrity grants eligibility to member financial institutions that process a certain number of authorization messages per month. MasterCard rates the performance of member financial institutions on total data integrity errors across all categories through its Data Integrity Monitoring Program. The top member institutions with the highest compliance percentage have been awarded.