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Cash Recirculation

Cash Recirculation

Cash Recirculation can give you the possibility for substantial cost savings within the regard to cash logistics.

Bankhaus August Lenz offers a secure and demand-based cash recirculation and cash management solutions.

Our goal is to guarantee costs and income-oriented solutions for your business processes in the field of cash supply under consideration of the individual conditions of the respective location.

As independent private bank we co-operate neutrally with all market participants, in particular the device and software producers.

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The cash recirculation solutions of Bankhaus August Lenz help you with…

  • process optimization and cost saving,
  • minimization of the assault risk,
  • minimization of the transport risk
  • and the minimization of the expenditure of time of the cash supply.

With cash recirculation you avoid…

  • long lasting money counting with the constantly existing possibility of counting errors.
  • the 4-eye principle while counting the money.
  • the commitment of employees and a manual money counting.
  • a  manual forecast
  • an increased assault risk and an increased risk of the theft by employees.
  • the risk to loose money at the cash desks after the shift end.
  • if applicable not automated interface bookings at the cash desk.