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Dynamic currency conversion

DCC – Dynamic currency conversion at the ATM

The dynamic currency conversion (DCC) is an automated service for the exchange of currencies directly at the time of a transaction.

DCC guarantees the customer a significant higher transparency as DCC makes it possible that the customer is able to see the updated exchange rate at the moment of the transaction and that he can accept it.

With regard to the dynamic currency conversion (DCC) Bankhaus August Lenz is a pioneer in the German ATM business!

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How is DCC functioning?

International credit and debit card owner have the possibility:

  • to withdraw money in the currency ‘euro’.
  • to assume either the exchange rate offered by Bankhaus August Lenz and their partners or to receive the appropriate fee in ‘euro’
  • if the guaranteed exchange rate will be accepted the appropriate amount with application of this fixed exchange rate is charged directly in the local currency of the credit card owner.

The advantages of DCC are significant

  1. More control and acceptance before authorizing.
  2. Increasing transparency and therefore a better customer satisfaction, which increases the ratio of the conclusions.
  3. No currency exchange rate risk.
  4. Increasing customer acceptance.
  5. Additional income.